Awards, exhibitions and lectures

I’d like to say goodbye to 2016 remembering some important events which took place during this year. One of my photos has been finalist in #POSTIDALUPI photographic concourse organized by the LIFE WolfAlps project and it has exhibited at the MUSE (Natural Sciences Museum of Trento, Italy).

Another photo earned a medal offered by the Photographic Society of America at 9th edition of the international contest of photography Narava. If you’re curious about my awarded photos, please take a look at the “Awards” page in this website.

Plus this summer I had my first personal exhibition called “Vision of Nature” which took place in the Historical and Naturalistic Museum “Real Ferdinando” within the Monte Orlando natural reserve in Gaeta (Lazio, Italy).


I think exhibitions are a unique chance for diving more deeply into photography, taking more time to look at a photo and sharing opinions between authors and viewers. In this time of hasty and compulsive timeline scrolling, exhibitions are the perfect way to get out of the virtual world and get in touch with people, their thoughts and their feelings.

Last week I’ve also gave a lecture about the relationship between Photography and Music @ Image Studio, a photography studio in my hometown. Having been trained as a musician/composer, I’ve learned photography by applying music composition techniques to images. I’ve tried to share my point of view on this subject and I had really enjoyed sharing opinions with other people.