Spring: a kaleidoscope of colors

Spring has come to an end… unfortunately! Spring is maybe my favourite season. I was born in this season and I must admit I have a particular relationship with it. Being my photography mainly focused on the macro genre nowadays, you can easily realize why i wait all year for this season. All the colors of flowers and insects are perfect subjects awaiting nothing but being caputered by my camera. Spring seems to have started earlier than usual this years… and earlier seems to be ended. Below you can find a selection of the best shots from the last 3 months or thereabout…

fairy tale

It all started with this butterfly. i decided to try a special technique and take a more creative shot compared to the other butterfly photos that I’ve taken last year.


Then colors began shyly to pop out over the meadows

Wild orchids






I’m lucky enough to live in the region of the Aurunci Mountains where wild orchids are widespread in a great variety. During this spring i’ve got the chance to photograph some species that haven’t even ever found before like the Anacamptis laxiflora.

Other flowers



There have been days when the light wasn’t that great so i decided to concentrate my sight over details in search of abstract compositions.



Not only rare flowers like orchids but also common flowers like buttercups (Ranunculus) and poppies. I coulnd’t keep myself from wanting to photograph poppies this year because I realized that i didn’t have good photos of them. In the beginning of Spring it seemed I was able to find those flowers only by the roadside… but I didn’t want a small patch of them, I need a big meadow! Then, suddenly…



During a road trip with my girlfriend i’ve been so lucky to face what I called “the Castelluccio on the Aurunci Mountains”. As you might know, Castelluccio di Norcia is an italian locality renowed for its colorful meadow which are the aim of photographers from all around the world. This meadow was so small compared to the ones in Castelluccio but it offered a true kaleidoscope of colors ranging from the red of poppies to the purple of wild gladiolus. It was a complete joy for the eyes!


This year i feel like i wanted to experiment more chaotic composition in bugs shots. Something a little beyond than isolating the subject and have a clear separation between subject and background/foreground.




My personal favourite is perhaps this last shot. I had to compose it really quickly because that bug was alive and constantly moving. Plus it was so small and i struggled to keep him completely on focus. I chose this dramatic composition because i want to exaggerate the dynamic tension on this image by having the two main elements on opposite sides. The result is very dramatic and narrative in my opinion. It’s a real pity that this photo isn’t showing up correctly in the squared thumbnail preview.

Finally i also had the chance to dust off my wide angle lens and take this photograph of the falls of this creek on the natural reserve of Zompo lo Schioppo (Abruzzo, Italy) where I’ve been in daytrip with my friends Enzo and Enzo. I love landscape photography too and i hope i’ll have more chance to travel and take pictures like this one below.


I really hope you enjoyed my report and my pictures. I’m really satisfied with some of them and I think some of these will end up on my personal selection on the main page of this website. There are a lot more photos I took than just these which I take during this season. You can find them by visiting my facebook page (follow the link on the right side of the page).