Into an Elvish realm



It was by the end of September when my friend photographer Francesco and I decided to go by the banks of  river Garigliano (Southern Lazio, Italy) to try to take pictures of birds.

Unfortunately, as often happens with these kind of subject, we were not so lucky to take good pictures of birds.

Despite this, we really had a good time listening to the sound of the water and bird songs and also took some pictures of dragonflies. There was really a soothing atmosphere.

On our way back, as the sun began to set behind the poplar groves, that atmosphere turned from soothing into something magical.

Shadow play

I tried to capture that particular sensation focusing more on what I was feeling rather than on what I was seeing then i started to experiment with the so-called ICM (Intentional Camera Movements).

ghostly trees

As the leaves started to become more and more yellow and bright I decided to step onto the grove to capture a more intimate feeling.

magic woods

Later on I had to decided for a title for the picture that I thought it was the best of the set, the one which represent best what i felt and what i wanted to communicate. I came up with “Lothlorien” which is the name of the fairest forest realm of the Elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, because i really had the impression to have stepped onto a fairy kingdom.

But what I didn’t know and that really amazed me was to find out that in Tolkien books the name “Lothlorien” refers to the golden leaves trees which are distinctive of this land. Moreover, Tolkien placed Lothlorien at the joint of two rivers and the place where i took these pictures is just situated where two rivers join to give birth to the Garigliano. This fact made the first photo on this post even more mysterious and magical to my eyes.